Who do you want to primarily target for bus tours and excursions?

Our goal with Tim’s Tours is to provide reasonably priced bus transportation to various groups in the community who are unable to afford the higher priced alternatives.  Many senior groups at churches would love to take short trips, but they are hindered by the high cost to rent a bus.  There are also church youth groups who’d love to host more events but again transportation becomes an issue.  We hope to appeal to those groups as a major target.

Why do you have “Discover Michiana and Beyond” as a slogan for Tim’s Tours?

As a lifelong resident to the Michiana area, Tim knew that that are many things in and around this community that most people don’t know about or don’t go to.  This area is rich in history filled with wonderful places to see and experience.  Not only do our local residents miss these, but so do visitors who come here for special events.  We specifically enjoy being helpful to organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, the Visit South Bend/Mishawaka Bureau, and the St. Joseph County Historic Preservation group who do wonderful historic neighborhood tours with us!  We like to work with the City of South Bend to show visitors and prospective business owners around the area and we have done tours for area realtors so that they can better market the area to groups looking for specific real estate.

How much does it cost?

When someone approaches us to do a specific trip, or simply provide transportation to and from an event for their group, we will base the charge on the event – considering the time and distance involved.  We always try to be reasonable.

Do you provide transportation for wedding parties?

Yes, we can accommodate an entire wedding party to and from destinations including special picture taking events, and the like.  We can also handle guest transportation to and from the reception venue as well.   If you have a wedding event requiring a large number of family members to travel out of town, why not travel together?  Enjoy the trip, leave the driving and directions to us and have fun!

What about golf outings, local events, plays, festivals and concerts in the area?

We provide chartered transportation for all kinds of events.

Are you correctly licensed?

Yes, all Tim’s Tours drivers must hold a valid Commercial Driver’s Licence and have an excellent driving record.

Are you properly insured?

Yes, we are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) to have $5,000,000 in liability coverage.

Are you available for tours 24/7?

Yes, the transportation industry is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we are available (if we are not already booked).

How did you get this idea?

Some years ago, founder Tim Lewis stayed at a resort down in French Lick, Indiana and where there was a gentleman who worked with the resort to provide daily excursions in that area.  Tim took them and had a great time.  He made new friends, and ever since he had the idea that he could do something like that in Michiana especially with attractions like Notre Dame, Amish Country, SW Michigan wine country and more.  This is a great community to show off, and Tim has been successful doing so.