Limo Bus

-Seats up to 20 Passengers + Luggage

-Nickname “Limo Bus”

-Ideal for Wine Tours and Wedding Parties

Limo Bus at Michigan’s Adventure

Inside of the Limo Bus



Small Coach

-Seats up to 23 Passengers

-Nickname:  Green & White Bus

-Ideal for Wine Tours, Wedding Parties & Wedding Guest Shuttles

23 Passenger Coach




Medium Coach

-Seats up to 28 Passengers (or 24 + Luggage)

-Nickname:  Blue & White Bus

-Ideal for Wine Tours, Wedding Parties, Guest Shuttles, & Casino Trips

Notre Dame Stadium - Tim's Tours Bus


Tim's Tours - The Love Bus

Tim’s Tours transports wedding parties on The Love Bus!



Large Coach

-Seats up to 41 Passengers

-Nickname:  Flag Bus

-Ideal for large groups & Wedding Guest Shuttles

41 Passenger Coach-Outside

41 Passenger Coach- Inside