Shuttle to Notre Dame Stadium

Shuttle to Notre Dame Stadium with Tim’s Tours!

Ride one of the Tim’s Tours shuttle buses from your Mishawaka area hotel to the Notre Dame football stadium and don’t worry about expensive parking or traffic tie-ups. The drop-off zone is the Notre Dame Bookstore and it’s just a short walk to the Stadium; a much shorter walking distance than if you actually park on or near the campus.  The fare is $9 per person each way, or $15 Round Trip.  Buses are first come-first serve and make the circuit to most hotels and motels in the Mishawaka area.

Tims-Tours-Bus-18You do not need a reservation-just be ready to hop on the bus with your fare.  Each hotel will have information at the front desk, or you can check out our frequently asked questions below.  If you have any other questions, you may ask a question in the comment section below, submit an inquiry through the website here, or send an email directly to


We service the following hotels:

Baymont Inn & Suites Mishawaka/ South Bend:  120 W University Drive,  Mishawaka, IN  46545  (574) 400-8580

Best Western Plus Mishawaka Inn:  445 W University Drive,  Mishawaka, IN 46545  (574) 273-2309

Candlewood Suites Mishawaka:  1220 E. Douglas Road, Mishawaka, IN  46545  (574) 258-4088

Comfort Inn:  5640 N Main Street,  Mishawaka, IN  46545  (574) 247-4000

Country Inn and Suites:  420 W University Drive,  Mishawaka, IN  46545  (574) 277-2520

Extended Stay: (South):  4715 N Main St,  Mishawaka, IN 46545  (574) 255-8031

Extended Stay: (North):  5305 N Main Street,  Mishawaka, IN  46545  (574) 277-9912

Fairfield Inn & Suites South Bend Mishawaka:  425 W University Drive,  Mishawaka, IN  46545  (574) 273-2202

Hampton Inn:  7347 Heritage Square Drive,  Granger, IN  46530  (574) 243-4600


Holiday Inn Mishawaka- Conference Center:  1208 E Douglas Road, Mishawaka, IN  46545 (574) 258-4408

Home2 Suites by Hilton Mishawaka/ South Bend:  211 E Day Road, Mishawaka, IN  46545 (574) 252-4100

Hyatt Place:  215 W Day Road,  Mishawaka, IN  46545  (574) 258-7777

Marriott Courtyard:  4825 N Main St,  Mishawaka, IN  46545  (574) 273-9900

Residence Inn231 Park Place, Mishawaka, IN  46545  (574) 271-9283

Red Roof Inn:  1325 University Drive Court,  Granger, IN  46530  (574) 271-4800

Springhill Suites:  5225 Edison Lakes Pkwy,  Mishawaka, IN 46545  (574) 271-0832

Super 8:  535 W University Drive,  Mishawaka, IN 46545  (574) 247-0888

Varsity Club:  3800 N. Main St,  Mishawaka, IN  46545  (800) 438-2929



Do guests have to make reservations?

No, reservations are not required.  The shuttle is first come-first serve and runs hourly at specific times for each hotel.  There is also a flier on at the front desk of the hotel that is readily accessible with times.

Do front desk personnel need to call the drivers to tell them people are waiting?

Not necessarily.  It’s helpful to know when there are people waiting, but not required.

How does the return shuttle work?

All of the Tim’s Tours buses will be in front of the campus Bookstore at the end of the game.  You can get on ANY Tim’s Tours bus.  The departure schedule is as follows:

  • End of the Third Quarter
  • 20 minutes after the game ends
  • 40 minutes after the game ends
  • 60 minutes after the game ends
  • 2 hours after the game ends
  • 2 hours, 20 minutes after the game ends
  • 2 hours, 40 minutes after the game ends
  • 3 hours after game ends-LAST SHUTTLE

Will we have to wait for a return shuttle?

The buses load first come-first serve.  The end of the game is peak ridership and the heaviest traffic, so you may have to wait for the next shuttle if it fills up first.

How late does the shuttle stay out making return trips after the game is over?

We stay out 3 hours after the end of the game.  Afternoon games we typically stay out till 11:00 PM, and night games usually 1:00 AM.

Will Tim’s Tours pick people up from other than the Bookstore after the game?

No, the bookstore is our only pickup at Notre Dame campus.  This helps the shuttle run more efficiently having only one pickup location.

Does Tim’s Tours take credit cards for payment?

No, all transactions are cash.


Tim’s Tours is a locally owned and operated business.


  1. Hi, Do you have to be a guest at the hotel to be able to ride the shuttle?

  2. Is there a place to park near one of your pick up point for a Notre Dame game?

    • We only stop at the hotels listed on the web page in order to maintain a good schedule. There is one hotel that does have a pretty large parking lot, the Country Inn and Suites, where you can park way away from their front door and out of their guests way and just get on the shuttle there. I have mentioned to the hotel that I tell people this and they don’t mind.

  3. Hi Tim,
    My husband and son will be coming in for the Texas game. They are staying in Eckhart.(closest availability I could find). I will have them park at the Country Inn to catch your shuttle. Is that the closet location for shuttle service and Do you know the times of pick up for that location?

    • Hi Melissa,

      Please make sure they park way away from the entrance of the hotel and then just have them ready to catch the bus. Our schedule is to start at 9:00 AM and have a bus around there every hour after that. We’re still working on the rotation of buses but our gray bus will likely be the one to pick them up at that location.

  4. Tom Parker

    Coming for the Navy game. Is there a Warsaw IN shuttle?

    • Hi Tom,

      No shuttle from Warsaw, but what you might want to do is drive up on game day and park at one of the Mishawaka hotels on the list and ride the bus – that’ll save you trying to figure out where to park and also probably some dough too. The Country Inn and Suites has a pretty big lot – just make sure you park way away from their door so you are not in the way of their guests.

  5. Claudia Germann

    Any suggestions PLEASE for tomorrow from Fox Lake IL area to the game and back?
    Thanks! Claudia

    • Hi Claudia. Unfortunately we are only in the Mishawaka area for shuttling and I really don’t know much about Chicago area bus or shuttle companies. You might check in with “Windy City” (tours I think) as I see their bus(es) at games but other than that I don’t know. I do know some folks take the train into South Bend then shuttle from there, or they drive in and park at a hotel and shuttle from there. Good luck!

  6. I am staying in Chicago for the ND USC game. My buddy from Chicago may not be able to go to the game. How can I get from Chicago to South Bend and back on game day/night?

    • This is a tough one because the USC game is a night game and getting back to Chicago that same night might be very difficult. Getting to South Bend will not be hard as you can take a bus or a train and end at the South Bend airport, then take a shuttle from there to the campus. The game likely won’t be over until at least 10:30 so getting transportation back could be tricky. Just check with the South Shore and Amtrak for train schedules and United Limo or Airport Express for bus service. You might also check with “Wind City” bus company as I see their bus(es) at the campus on game days most of the time. Good luck – wish I could help you more!

  7. Hi Tim,
    We are going to be in town for the Notre Dame vs Wake Forest game and staying at the Extended Stay South in Mishawaka. I was wanting to know if there is a designated area of the parking lot for shuttle pick up.

    • Hi Dave, no, there is no designated area, just work with the front desk to let them know you are wanting to catch the shuttle and just be ready right outside the front doors.

  8. Tom Robbins

    Hi Tim

    I see that you stop at Extended Stay but there are two of them list in Mishawaka one at 4715 N. Main and the other at 5305 N. Main which one do you service of do you do both of them. Thanks much.

    • We stop at the Extended Stay “North” which is the 5305 N. Main address. However, the other one is right next to the Marriott Courtyard and all you’d have to do is walk across the parking lot to get on the bus there.

  9. Just checking to see if the Comfort Inn that you stop at is the one at 5640 North Main St. Thanks

  10. Tim, we are staying at the Hyatt Place in Mishawaka. Going to the Notre Dame game on September 24.
    Just want to make sure I got this right, we don’t have to make reservations we just wait at the hotel and get on first shuttle we can to Notre Dames Book Store and same procedure after the Game ? One last question, how long after the game to you run the shuttles back to the hotels ? Thanks

    • Matt Sayer

      Hi Joe and thanks for your inquiry. That is correct, you do not need to make reservations for the shuttle. You simply pay the driver and get on. The bus runs to Hyatt Place every hour up to the game. The return shuttles will be available at the bookstore at the end of the game and they depart when they fill up. The first round trip takes the longest because of traffic, but after an hour or so, the return shuttles become more regular around every 20 minutes. They will be available until 3 hours after the game ends.

  11. Looking ahead to 2017, do you know where visitor fans have the best opportunity to stay and ride your shuttle?

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