What a fun and relaxing day!  We’ll be taking a bus ride to some of the top micro breweries in Michigan. Sunday is the best day for this to avoid the larger crowds and be able to have a nice dinner before coming home and getting ready for the work week ahead. Relax with friends over a beer and enjoy the ride! 

We’ll leave just before Noon.   We recommend that everyone has some food before doing a micro tour.  You can even bring a lunch on the bus along the way.  Our first stop will be at the new Arclight Brewing Company in Watervliet, MI.  

Next we’ll stop at Paw Paw Brewing Company where a couple of guys are living their dream and brewing beer. We just may tap our foot on the patio to some live Blue Grass music and sample 5 of their best “flights” from Ale to Stouts!

Kalamazoo will be our next stop at one of the largest micro-breweries in the Midwest: Bell’s Brewery. Bell’s was the first brewery in Michigan to serve beer by the glass to the public and has been in business since 1985. Check out the chalkboard for what’s on tap; usually at least 20 varieties!

Our last stop will combine more beer tasting with dinner at the Olde Peninsula, a landmark since 1874, just a few blocks from Bell’s. Enjoy your favorite beer – by now you will probably know which type you really like the best – with a great meal and you’ll be ready to relax and ride the bus home, telling your friends about your favorite brewery and beer for the day.

We’ll drop you off just in time to do those last few things you need to get done before turning in and starting a new work week.

Now this is a representation of what we call the “Zoo” tour.  We go to several other breweries in Kalamazoo like Boatyard Brewing Company,  Gonzo’s Big Dogg Brewing Company, and One Well Brewing.  We also have a Lakeshore tour that includes several breweries on the Lake Michigan Shoreline.  Those stops can include Shoreline Brewery in Michigan City, Tapistry Brewing Company in Bridgman, Cultivate Brewing Company in Berrien Springs, Silver Harbor Brewing Company in St. Joseph, North Pier Brewing Company and The Livery, which are both in Benton Harbor, and many others.

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