You are cordially invited to participate in the inaugural Discover Michiana Tour that will be given by Tim the Tour Man Lewis on August 21, 2010 commencing at 12:30 PM. As you know, I have purchased a 28 passenger tour bus and have put together a list of people who have encouraged me and supported me in my dream to actually do this, and you are on that list. Or, you may possibly be on the list because you are a person of great influence that I’m going to just use for marketing purposes! I readily admit I need some help to get started and word of mouth is usually the best promotion there is.

We will leave from our house at 55250 Elder Road at 12:30 PM sharp and there will be a place to park your car in our north yard. We will be doing a circuitous route around South Bend and Mishawaka and seeing some of the places that I know you already know about, but there just may be some things you might NOT know. With a goody snack stop in the middle, this excursion to see the most interesting sites around Michiana will probably take 3 hours, so prepare for that.

You must RSVP very quickly in order to capture a seat as the bus will fill up in a hurry – I think. Call me at 574.258.1130 or email me using the Contact page to confirm!

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